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Cérum Vitamin C Therapy

• Acne Scarring   • Skin Discoloration   • Sun Damaged  

Active therapy containing Vitamin C and L-ascorbic acid repairs damaged skin as it creates new skin cells. Clarifies acne prone skin and protects against pollution, age, and future sun exposure.

  • Product Code: ACCER1
  • Price: $ 80.00
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Skin Regeneration Treatment

• Lack of Moisture/Radiance Fine Lines   • Loss of Elasticity  

An intense anti-aging treatment that restores the skin's natural wrinkle reducing power. Smoothes skin and diminishes fine lines while stimulating the production of collagen to keep the face firm. Stops free radicals while increasing moisture retention and controlling blemishes. Revives estrogen deprived skin. May be used individually or as the second step in the anti-aging system.

  • Product Code: ACSRT1
  • Price: $ 78.00
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Age Defyer Daily Moisturizer

• Deep Lines   • Loss of Elasticity   • Severely Dry  

A daily age-defying créme that keeps skin firm and prevents the formation of wrinkles. Texture is reformed by maintaining the skin's moisture level and a more radiant complexion is promoted. May be used individually or as the third step in the anti-aging system.

  • Product Code: ACREM1
  • Price: $ 60.00
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